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Wary to buy, but very happy!

REVLON Colorburst Butter Tutti Frutti

REVLON Colorburst Butter Tutti Frutti

I searched Amazon for a name brand mascara that I had used previously, and it displayed other mascaras that people had looked at along with the one I had searched for. This one which was about $10 less expensive, so I thought I would give it a try. The packaging and tube were very understated compared to the name brand, and I realized that I had inadvertently ordered Black/Brown instead of Black which I've always used in the past. I decided to keep it, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's just a shade lighter than black and probably looks a little more natural with my blonde hair. But the biggest surprise was how nicely it thickens my thin lashes with no clumping. Like the name brand mascara, it doesn't irritate my eyes, and it seems to stay on better than other one did, yet I can easily remove it with a tissue and water at the end of the day.

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