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perfect little brow shapers

Ardell Brow Precision Shaper 3 Count

Ardell Brow Precision Shaper 3 Count

I loved the original MK movie.
It was fun, campy and had great fights and effects for its time.
Part two destroyed what could have been an excellent franchise.
Now many years later MK has been reborn though the internet.
A new guy named Kevin Tancharoen who is a big fan of the series decided to do a web series that breathed new life into the franchise.
I sort of blew it off until I saw it was available on Blu Ray.
I bought it...I loved it.
The web series is so good they are letting Tancharoen reboot the whole franchise.
In the hands of a diehard fan the MK franchise is going to be so awesome.
But as far as Legacy goes...brilliant.
Brilliant fights.
Awesome FX for a web series.
And yes, a story that finally does the MK universe some justice.
Thank you Kevin, may the Nether Realm be with you.

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