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Monster High Robecca Steam Doll

Monster High Robecca Steam Doll

Robecca is my most recent Monster High purchase, and I adore her. She's very steampunk influenced, and I love the pieced-together scroll work all over her body.

I found my doll at a Meijer's, and I was shocked to see her in stock at all, and ever more shocked when I picked up the box and realized that I actually liked the design. I'd seen pictures online and even watched video reviews and just hadn't liked the doll. She looked over-designed in everything I'd seen of her. I loved the idea of her, but wasn't thrilled by the execution. I understood her to be a limited edition, fairly expensive doll, in any case, and assumed I'd never see her in person, so it didn't bother me too much, but when I did find her, I was very pleasantly surprised.

She's a much lighter color in person than the pictures show, and much less metallic. Her skin looks polished-bronze, not burnished bronze, which really lightens the whole doll up and makes her much easier to look at. Her costume and hair are both extremely dark blacks and blues, so having the warmer toned skin makes her easier on the eyes and much more visually appealing. Her boots, earrings and goggles are metallic copper, and that lightens up the darker hair and clothing, too. Her makeup was also slightly different than the pictures I had seen (although there is now a very accurate close up photo of Robecca's face that shows what I mean), which gave her a much softer, friendlier appearance than I had expected. Finally, I had thought I would hate the back-articulating knees on this doll. Since Robecca is an automaton, her knees can bend backward as well as the traditional front bend. I was pleasantly surprised when the reverse knee joints didn't bend as alarmingly sharply as I had expected, and actually just gave the doll an air of preparing to take off in flight (her boots are rockets that allow her to perform feats of aerial skill).

She's a really gorgeous doll in person, very detailed and quite well made, moreso than Operetta and Frankie, and she feels much sturdier than some of the Monster High dolls do. I don't have that niggling feeling she's going to break at any moment, like I do with some of the Dead Tired dolls. She's so detailed and well-made, and her theme is very fun. I definitely recommend her to anyone who can find her at shelf-price!

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3 Responses to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Jeanette Gilmore says:

    i have 8 dolls. how many are there all together and how many more i have to go?

  • Marcus Thornton says:

    Ok I no I sound dump askin this but I have nieces that love them & I want to buy them for their birthday so if anybody no's please tell me

  • Cecilia Winters says:

    hi i really like robbeca steam from MH but i can't find her anywhere! what store can i find her? oh and if you know what store give me the location so i know if its in my contury :)

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