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Monster High Alive Frankie Stein

Monster High Alive Frankie Stein

As an adult collector of the Monster High dolls, I was a little skeptical to the Ghouls Alive series.
What I've found is that typically when a toy maker starts adding electronics and whatnot to an established toy line, the quality drops. Well I'm glad to report that these did not follow that trend!

I kind of ping pong back and forth between Frankie and Clawdeen being my favorite in the Ghouls Alive series.
Unlike the other two, Frankie's outfit is just better designed and put together. Seems as though she was the original thought behind the series, so a bit more effort and thought went into her.

When she comes alive, a nice electrical 'buzz' and 'snap' is heard and her face and chest illuminate. The cool part is that you can see her rib cage (just like in the cartoons when someone gets electrocuted) right through her top.

Her paint job is immaculate, no complaint at all.

Like I said at the beginning of this review, I have a hard time choosing between Frankie and Clawdeen as being my favorite of the series. I think Clawdeen's movement is what makes her my favorite still...
Ghouls Alive Frankie is a great addition to the MH series, you won't be disappointed!

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One Response to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Jayne Avila says:

    I like the Monster High characters, especially Frankie Stein because she is a Frankenstein monster. I wanted to make an OC that's a Frankenstein monster too, but I'm kinda confused. So can a Frankenstein monster grow up?

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