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Prestige Mechanical Pencil Trance 0 01 Ounce

Prestige Mechanical Pencil Trance 0 01 Ounce

I usually have one makeup obsession per summer and last summer it was finding the right eyeliner. My eyeliners have always tended to smudge and run, until I come home from work only to find a horrified Alice Cooper type face looking back at me. I did some research by reading comments other women made on various websites that sell makeup and the Prestige name kept getting the thumbs up by users over and over again. I ordered this Prestige Mechanical Eye Pencil in Trance on Amazon, and I totally agree- it's the best eyeliner I've ever used. I have brown eyes, but love to wear blue eyeliner sometimes, and this "Trance" color is amazing. Since this order I've also bought black, dark and light brown colors, and always in the mechanical type- no more sharpening issues for me. You just twist it up and you're good to go. And the price can't be beat, or at least can't be beat by much. For me, this is the brand I plan to stick with- I get fantastic results because it stays in place all day.

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