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Absolutely my favorite foundation

Dior Diorskin Natural Hydrating Makeup

Dior Diorskin Natural Hydrating Makeup

I can't say enough how much I love this foundation. I never in my life thought I'd buy a foundation is this expensive. But then Sephora gave me a sample and from there I was hooked. I'd guess I've bought 10 bottles of the foundation and my love has never changed.
First of all, I'm pale, blonde hair, blue eyes. I have some minor/mild acne, larger pores on my nose, light freckles, a few acne scars, slight dark spots under my eyes when I don't sleep enough, etc. Overall my skin isn't terrible but it's far from perfect. Once I hit 25 I started wearing foundation every day. Being the makeup junkie that I am I think I've tried most foundations whether from a drugstore or department store. I never found anything I loved. The problems I have with most are: the color is never right (most are too yellow), coverage is either too much and looks caked on or is too light and doesn't hide my blemishes, I can "feel" the makeup, or it makes me break out.
This does NONE OF THAT! The consistency is very thin and light but the coverage is perfect. You can't see any of my freckles, my pores are hidden, so are the scars and any current acne. My skin always appears flawless! I get so many comments on my perfect skin. I can't feel the makeup at all once it's on. It's goes on smoothly (use a foundation brush for even coverage and you'll waste less). It's never caused me to break out at all.
I use the shade 020 during winter and during the summer if I've tanned at all I step it up to 021. But go to a store and actually test it out. Colors online aren't a good representation.
Even after buying this I've tried to buy other brands to save money in hopes that I could find the same results but I've never found anything that compares.
It's 100% worth the money if you want flawless looking skin. But know that some places have it for less that on here.

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5 Responses to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Alex Ruiz says:

    I don't trust sephora to tell me and I haven't went there to test anything out yet. My skin is getting a little bumpy because of a little bit of acne and because of allergies. I want something that doesn't look like it's clumped up on my face, something that looks mostly natural with decent coverage. I tried Dior Diorskin nude natural glow hydrating makeup and I was extremely disappointed. Practically no coverage and horrid color choices that don't match your skin at all despite the colors the put on the computer as reference.

  • Jamie Carter says:

    if so what other good foundation thats non comedogenic ? thnx so much!!^^

  • Barry Warren says:

    i use makeup everyday so im looking for something that is not to bad or is somewhat healthy for my skin im using MAC but it tends to make me breakout im trying to switch

  • Robin Velazquez says:

    I have the complexion of rihanna, sanaa lathan and meagan goode. Im more matched closely with rihanna. I have dry skin with no major blemishes on my face. What color foundation would best match me? It doesn’t matter what type of brand. Also with dry skin, would powder or liquid be best?

  • Melinda Armstrong says:

    ^^^ & where to buy it? :)

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