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Want great skin? You can get it with this product!

Sirius SS 77 Aurora Therapy System

Sirius SS 77 Aurora Therapy System

I bought product for a few reasons-

firstly, I don't like to use any topical creams or treatments for my skin. I have acne and a good bit of scarring on my face, mainly forehead and cheeks.
I'm a guy and I don't really need an expensive laser treatment item at my house, I read the blue light worked for acne and scarring, so I trusted the other amazing reviewers. And the price was pretty perfect.

I've been struggling with breakouts and bad skin for most of my teenage years, and it feels good to say that within a week of using this product, my face has cleared up and my scarring is quickly fading. It's really amazing, and all I have to do is use this blue light every few days for about 25 minutes. I haven't got to the other lights, but if they work as well as the blue, i'm sure you'll at least see improvement.

The only problem I have with this product is that after a few uses, it would randomly shut off. I'm not sure if I have a defective unit or not, but it hasn't been doing it as much lately, so the problem may be fixed. It does sort of feel like a toy, but it works so I really don't care.

I'm not being paid by this company, but I really believe this is something you should try if you have acne or scarring that doesn't seem to go away.

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8 Responses to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Chelsea Craft says:

    The first Sirius Aurora I was shipped didn't work. It did take a few email with their customer service to have it replaced and it was very FRUSTRATING! However, I did eventually get a replacement and I am shocked and very pleased with how well it works! I had acne, acne scaring (from the age of 12)and some pretty dark hyper-pigmentation/melasma on my face, as well as a lack of tone starting at my jaw line (I'm 45).

    I have tired Tri-Luma cream, Retin A, Azelic Acid etc..all from my doctor as well as MANY OTC products. Nothing worked very well or had lasting results. I started using this in November and my acne is all but gone (Jan. 20). I do get the occasional breakout but one treatment with the blue light usually clears it up within one day. My scaring, hyper-pigmentation and melasma have improved at least 80% with use of the green light, (If you have discoloration on your face you KNOW how HUGE this is!) and the lack of tone in my lower jaw line and under my chin is much less noticeable with use of the red light. I am truly shocked at how well this thing works!

    I thought I was stuck with "bad skin" for the rest of my life. I am very happy to say this does work! It does take time and commitment to do the treatments every other day at only twice a week but it's worth it. It's totally painless and simple to use.

    A side note: My husband thought there was no way it was going to work but he knew how much the appearance of my skin bothered me so he told me to go for it. About a month into my treatments one Sunday morning having coffee..sans Makeup..he started really checking out my skin and said "Wow, your skin IS better". Now he tells me quite often how clear my skin looks:) People at work have noticed I've "done something" or say I "glow". That's pretty cool for someone who was so self-conscious about her skin for so long! If you're sitting on the fence..TRY IT!

  • Ella Henry says:

    I am an african american woman and I'm 35 years old. I used to have acne but I don't any longer. I do have Seboreheic Dermatitis though and it makes my skin look like an orange from time to time...making it red and lumpy. My pores were extremely large too. Additionally, I had developed acne scarring from the past and hyperpigmentation.

    I bought this product over a year ago and used it for a short period of time. And stopped. It seemed that the blue light made my acne I thought. At any rate, I recently started using it again because I became fed up with my skin and figured nothing could be worse than what it is now. I had severe dark areas around my mouth, under eyes, and hairline, redness from the dermatitis, and larger than normal pores. After using (all three lights) for about a week, my skin glowed like you wouldn't believe. Then 2-3 weeks after using it, I noticed that the skin around my mouth was substantially lighter. So much so that you could see the circle tattoo from where I used to hold the device without moving it which was the wrong way to do it. But this went away fairly quickly after I began using it correctly. Now my skin looks noticeably more even. (visit their website to learn how to use it correctly)

    One of the things that I noticed is that after awhile the glow seemed to be fading. So I decided to incorporate a scrub into my weekly regimen. That was the best thing I could have done because the results really REALLY came through after sloughing off all that dead skin! Its been about a month now since I started using all three. My acne scars are still present but much lighter. The hyperpigmentation is still there but much lighter but you can barely tell its there when I put my makeup on. AS a matter of fact, sometimes when I'm looking in the mirror, my skin glows so much that I think that I left foundation on my face from the night before. My pores look smaller but that may be due to the medicine I use from my doctor helping out a little too which is to stop my skin from flairing. The blue light doesn't flair my skin up like it was. It actually helps my skin to not be as red. And the red light seems to tighten my eyes. It doesn't bother me as much as some people when I hold the device over my eyes without goggles while my eyes are closed (not sure if this will have negative results in the future though).

    I think I have seen results from all three lights but my favorite is the green because its like a natural skin peel. Its only been about a 4-5 weeks but I feel confident that with continued use, I will see my skin even out completely. I've gotten my first compliment on my skin about a week ago--I can't tell you the last time that's happened. I am addicted to this product now. I love, love, looooove this product. If I had to say one bad thing about the product it would only be that I wish they made a large stand-alone one that could be used on the entire body so can just shine it on myself and get the results. Now THAT would be magnificent. Hope this helps! ;-)

  • Morris Morse says:

    I bought this after reading the reviews. I tried Googling, Bing-ing and trudging up every review I could find before I spend the cash, but this was the only spot where people seemed to leave some good feedback. Regardless, I was really skeptical it would work for me, because the only thing that's ever worked on my skin is dermatologist prescribed topical creams or peels. Well, hey, I thought I'd give it a shot. Background: I have very fair, combo oily/dry skin with mild to medium breakouts and scarring. I'm 25 years old. Not sure if that matters, but everyone else seemed a little more mature in their reviews.

    Red filter- Used it once so far. I noticed that my skin looked less red and splotchy afterwards. Plan to use it again.

    Green filter- Honestly... It says it's for hyperpigmentation, but I didn't notice any difference. Used it once. Maybe that's the problem.

    Blue filter- UN-FREAKING-REAL. I actually can't believe it. It worked the very first time and I can't stop using it. Like I said, I have mild to medium breakouts depending on how much I sweat working out, time of month, etc. and this stopped my zits after 1 use. The day this delivered, I had a huge zit forming on my nose- it really hurt to touch it and it was swollen. I used the blue filter exactly like the directions said, and it was LITERALLY GONE. I mean, gone. The spot where it was became flat, all the redness was gone and it didn't hurt at all. I thought to myself, "Wait until the morning and see if this actually worked." Still gone. I am not kidding. I've used it the most of all the lenses. I usually lay in bed and watch t.v. through my tanning-glasses-things (which I bought for $1.82 on Amazon for this, and you really need them) and use the tool.

    Per another reviewer, you look really crazy using it. However, if you don't use it for the full 24 minutes, you're not going to get the best results. So don't feel bad.

    The tool itself looks and feels a little cheap. You have to leave it plugged in while using it, but the cord it long enough that you could use it anywhere and be comfortable. It is really bright and you need the tanning-goggle-things. Don't go without, the light can be really annoying and I get paranoid about burning something into my cornea.

    So, in closing, if acne is your main problem, save up for your cash and get this. You will not regret it. If you're looking for aging/hyperpigmentation help, you might want to stick to the dermatologist's office.

  • Enrique Salas says:

    Started seeing results after just one week. Love the timer that tells you exactly when to move on to the next area, so I can read or watch tv while doing treatments. Switching treatment panels is a breeze. Just used the continuous mode so can't comment on the pulsating mode. The light is not that bright, so there is no need for goggles unless your eyes are really sensitive.

  • Reva Harper says:

  • Jaime Yates says:

    I just received this gadget yesterday when I got home from work. Excitedly I opened the package. (Be careful cause if you open the wrong end and pull out the contents it doesn't have a top cover and I dropped one of the colored discs. oopsy!!!) It didn't break, but I was mad it was exposed like that.
    I am 42 years old and since stopping the pill 10 years ago I have had breakouts, some small and some erratic mostly hormonal I believe. Recently though for the last couple of months I have broken out on my chin like crazy. I get rid of one and another 2 pop up. sometimes they are clusters of two or three that make one big zit!! UGH!! my jawline also is affected once in awhile as well.
    In fact, last night I noticed two more nice size ones were popping up. I just could not take it anymore. I should be thinking of wrinkles at my age not zits!! I can't even use that stuff cause I seem to break out. For awhile I was using peroxide on a cotton ball to stop the spreading on my chin. It helped for a while the it just had no effect. I use potato juice sometimes also and it helps if you catch them early enough or use the juice as a compress.
    I now have scarring all over my chin, can't wait to see that disappear!!
    Anyway, I showered before I went to bed used alba deep clean astringent to remove dirt and makeup that seeps into the pores and patted my skin. Wiped off the discs with alcohol and of course I put on goggles I bought to protect my eyes from the UV and bright lights.(the sunbed goggles, peepers)I used it according to the direction, starting with the blue-light, then green then the red. That was my preference. Not sure if there is an order they recommend cause I didn't notice one. It takes time to do all together and when I woke up this morning I gave it another zap for three minutes on my chin only on pulse mode, did my regular routine with lotion and make-up.
    It is noon now and I just looked in the mirror and felt those zits that were popping through ( they were gonna be whoppers) and I can honestly tell you they have been reduced in size!! WOO HOO!!! I am so thankful I took the chance with this product. It was hard. It was a little pricey, but well could be worth it. So far so good. There were also only three reviews on this when I purchased but I did like what they said and I am giving it a shot. I will post again in a week or two and hopefully with the same great feedback.

    Okay...I received this thing last Tuesday. Today is Thursday the following week.

    It is awesome. My chin is about 85% cleared up. The bumps are almost completely flat. I have been only using the blue and green discs. The red can wait.
    Even the hyper pigmentation is clearing. I think at this rate it should be completely cleared in two weeks or hopefully less.
    I have been treating my face with both applications once morning and night since I got the thing. Their recommendation is 3-4 times a week but I am and was desperate for results. I did skip a am or pm once or twice. Still excellent results. Once they are cleared I will go to using 2-3 times a week and start using the Red disc for fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Edna Sears says:

    I ordered this for myself, husband and son to use. I have mild acne on my chin and my husband has some black heads he wanted help with. My son has more severe acne issues. All three of us have been using the blue light and all three of us have seen results after only a few uses. I have also been using the red light and don't notice changes from that one although overall my skin is looking better. But I definitely notice the blue light works on my break outs. My husband complemented my skin the other day. I notice a difference with my son, but his acne is more severe and will probably take more time.

    Definitely worth the money with all the usage we are getting out of this little system.

  • Stella Valdez says:

    Purchased this for my mom last year for Mother's Day. She's getting a little older, and was trying to figure out how to take better care of her skin. I've been doing red light and blue light therapy for a while, and I project about 10 years younger than my true age. Thought this would be a perfect gift.

    She has been using it daily ever since, and we can definitely see the difference in her face and skin. Light therapy works for us! The price on this is unbelievably low compared to similar models, and is a great value.

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