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I love Catrine ! I have been playing her dress up game for a while, and was thrilled when she actually came out. She is perfect. I have had good luck with tails, considering ny Jinafires sturdy tail and Catrines not-to-bad tail. It is quite firmly in there. She also has an adorable outfit. I do have a few complaints. There is a reason that her price is going down, and that's because shes starting to come out at walmarts, for only 19.95. When I went to a Walmart near me, they had more Catrines than any other doll. Anoth complaint is that she is not well made. At Walmart there were ones with messy hair, weird makeup, far apart eyes, low mouth, stained cloths, and broken off tails. I got a good one, but one of the eyes is smaller than the other... It's weird, but still cute. All in all, I would recommend this cat to any Torolie, werecat sisters fan.

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