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Monster high doll

Monster High Scary Dolls Frankie

Monster High Scary Dolls Frankie

I just found a stack of the Monster High Scary Tales at my local Target today. There was one of every doll, I purchased Snow Bite and Threadarella.

From the moment I saw the promotional photos for this doll I wanted her. There was something about her pose and her hair that I just loved. I couldn't wait to buy her.

The dolls are durable, and extremely detailed. There is a sewing theme throughout this doll. Her crown and earrings are sewing needles, and her shoe heels are scissors! Her dress even looks chic homemade.

And I was pleasantly surprised with the story that comes along with the dolls. It was illustrated and every fairy tale character is from the Monster High cannon. The cover of the story is foil, and raised, giving it a very high quality feel.

This Frankie is a definitely a must own for MH collectors.

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7 Responses to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Jewell Copeland says:

    This is the doll our grandaughter asked for. She has others and wanted this one specifically for Christmas this year.

  • Lena Snyder says:

    This is a pretty neat Frankie doll. She is a Target exclusive and retails for around $22. She is the character Threaderella (of course a play on Cinderella). Her hair is all one length and pulled up into a ponytail on top of her head. There are lots of large loose curls made from the ponytail. It is cute but a little disheveled, butI suppose though that is how a monsters hair would be. In the pictures on the box the curls look much tighter and I wish her actual hair looked more like that. She wears an adorable silver red and blue tiara that has needles and scissors molded into it. Her earrings are also long silver needles. Her makeup is okay. She has light blue eyeshadow on her lids and under her eyes, and steel grey shadow in her eye crease. Her lips are done in a metallic grey/blue. The stiches on her face are lighter than usual and almost look olive green in color. Her neck bolts are very shiny silver. Her dress is very detailed. It is mostly made of a blue satin material with a red metallic plaid print. The dress has a solid blue satin peplum, and solid blue right puff sleeve. There is a metallic silver piece of fabric wrapping across her left shoulder and piece of the same color fabric drapes from the skirt of the dress. There is a black fishnet liner under the dress. Her shoes are blue closed toe platforms with red laces and a silver needle at the ankle. The most adorable detail about her shoes is that the heel is pair of silver scissors with the blades slightly opened. This is the best part of the doll in my opinion, but then I am a sucker for a good pair of shoes!! Her purse is shaped like a spool of thread with the thread being red and the spool colored silver. She comes with a black brush. There is a stand included (yay!!) with a black base and the part that goes around her waist and the pole part of the stand are clear (I thought this was interesting and I really like it!!) She also comes with a story book that tells the whole tale of how Threaderella wants to go to the ball but her wicked stepsisters (played by the three werecats) won't let her. Her fairy ghoulmother (Abbey) arrives and and to the ball Threaderella goes. There she meets her two princes (Holt Hyde and his alter ego Jackson Jekyl) but when the clock strikes twelve she runs off and leaves her "slipper" complete with her foot still inside (LOL). At last her prince (Holt) finds her and the scarytale is complete. I love the concept of this doll and it is a welcome addition to my MH collection.

  • Nora Finley says:

    My daughter loves the doll. There's not much new to say about MH dolls. They're mostly the same in terms of build quality, it's the design that attracts the kiddos. Anyway, this is one of the cooler looking MH dolls in my opinion.

  • Bette Patton says:

    This is a Christmas gift for my granddaughter. I'm sure she will love it as she has practically everyone ever made.

  • Arnold Santos says:

    Just grabbed the set of Monster High Scary Tales dolls over at Target. The were must less expensive than online retailers and with Christmas less than 3 months away, I figured I could start collecting gifts. Frankie Stein is Threaderella in this version and the attention to detail is stunning. She comes with a small paper book and brush and a fabulous dress. I know my girls will loves them, just hope I can wait till Christmas to give it to them!

  • Louis Swanson says:

    This is so cute my daughter is getting this on her birthday and she will be the first of her friends to have one like this. It came fast and I was so happy, thank you

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