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Almay Brown Topaz 022 0 8 Ounce

Almay Brown Topaz 022 0 8 Ounce

Let me first be clear that I have at least enough eye shadow in my drawer to make up every woman in the state of California daily for a decade. I love playing with colors and don't like wearing the same thing twice. Imagine my surprise, then, when I bought this to go in my travel kit and found myself buying a second one to keep in my everyday collection. Imagine my further surprise when I find myself wearing it (or its sister collection, Stila In the Moment) almost every day. I have to force myself to ever use my other makeup.

Note that I am fair and freckly and recently died my naturally-blonde hair to a vibrant coppery-red. I have green-grey eyes.These colors complement my complection perfectly. I also worried they would be too sparkly for my 40-something eyelids, but the amount of sheen is just right. I actually have people make comments about how pretty I look when I'm wearing these colors. Way to go Stila!

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3 Responses to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Joanne Luna says:

  • Lester Everett says:

    I bought this ages ago, but having never used liquid eyeliner-- it ended up sitting in my makeup bag for quite a while. When my eye pencil finally ran out, I was forced (much to my delight!) to use this product as an alternative. I will never go back to eye pencil again! I have big blue eyes- and this is absolutely gorgeous. It makes them pop. The brown topaz color reflects light nicely, it goes on smoothly and evenly with the applicator brush, and it gives my eyes a dramatic flair without being to heavy looking. I even apply a thicker line than I used to, and I don't look overly made-up. Comes off easily without leaving the dark smudges.

  • Megan Cooley says:

    I am not very good with liquid eyeliner but this one is amazing! It is a nice brown coppery color. It looks natural but with a "pop". It doesn't burn or sting my eyes and the price is decent. I'll be buying this again!

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