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Jerdon JGL10W Tabletop Two Sided Magnification

Jerdon JGL10W Tabletop Two Sided Magnification

I love this mirror! The lights work perfectly, emitting just the right amount of light, and it folds up well allowing for easy storage. I haven't owned a makeup mirror before, however, I have used one regularly and this mirror fits the bill. My makeup looks better after using this mirror to apply it. My bathroom is fairly dark, and it's hard to see if I have rubbed all my foundation in evenly, or applied my eyeliner straight.

I like how the main mirror rotates up, so if I am standing at my counter doing my makeup, I can rotate it up so I don't have to lean so far down to look in the mirror. The unit has a stand on the back with notches so you can adjust how far back you want it to lean. The side mirrors really don't do anything for me, but they are nice to have. When the mirrors fold down, it provides a protective casing for the unit, which makes it easy to travel with. This mirror is built sturdy and is one of the only instances where the actual product looks better then the picture. I am very satisfied with this mirror, and so far it has worked perfectly for me.

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9 Responses to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Dixie Young says:

    I am serious about this - this is the best make up light I have ever used.
    The magnification is the best. The trifold, flip open view is great. I can see places I could not see as clearly in my previous 2 make up mirrors.
    It doesn't heat up (a problem with previous make-up mirrors). There's even a place to plug something into it, if you want. I like that it has a warranty. And it is much more stable than any of my previous mirrors too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! I hope it never breaks!

  • Felix Rivas says:

    If you are in need of a makeup mirror, this might be just the one for you. For under $50 you get a sturdy, attractive, great working lighted mirror.

    With four color settings- evening, home, office, and day; it allows you to apply makeup in the color tone setting you will be in. The tri-fold mirror's two sides fold open and shut for easier storage and travel. It measures about 14" X 12" X 4" when folded. Though honestly, if you don't have the space to keep it out on your counter, it would get to be a bit of a bother to pull it out everyday.

    I really like the outlet on the front of the mirror which allows me to plug in a curling iron or hair dryer without reaching behind the mirror to access the wall outlet.

    The other great feature is that you can flip the mirror for a 5X magnification which is terrific for tweezing eye brows.

    It is a great makeup mirror for the price.

  • Bryan Oliver says:

    This mirror provides so much for the money, it is not very sophisticated looking however really gets the job done. A good buy!

  • Ophelia Bradley says:

    It is hard to find a mirror in my home. It seems that everyone is always getting ready at the same time, and my wife and daughter seem to occupy all the mirrors doing makeup and other things. I saw this and jumped at the opportunity to free up some bathroom time and hopefully get at least one of them out of the way.

    They now race to see who can get to this thing first. They rave about how the light adjusts, anywhere from the harsh "Highlights every flaw for plucking, popping, or hiding" to the smooth "Makes me look natural and lets me put on makeup under normal light." Having tried it myself to groom my facial hair, it really does make a difference depending on which light intensity is used.

    The tri-fold aspect is useful as well. It allows the light to be used from different directions, and allows for your face/head to be viewed from offest angles.

    The entire unit is lightweight, yet stays stable and balanced when in use. This thing made me a hero at my house; my wife and daugther have a makeup and hair station, and my son and I can now use the bathroom mirror to get ready ourselves. The only problem is I am now being asked to buy a second, so my wife and daughter dont have to take turns with this one.

  • Russell Vincent says:

    I got this for my wife and she loves it. The tri-fold mirror is great and the illumination with the different settings is good. A good price point for this particular mirror.

  • Oscar Battle says:

    The Jerdon Euro Tabletop Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror is a favorite of my wife and my daughter who needs glasses.

    Pros - According to them the settings are accurate when you are putting you your make-up for the office, the evening, and days outside. The two side mirrors are helpful to folks whose vision isn't 20/20 or don't have the best peripheral vision.

    Neutral Comment - This mirror takes a bit more room with the side mirrors so if you plan on keeping it out for daily use, it is a good idea to have a dresser top or desk area for it. The side-mirrors do fold-up easily, so you can condense the space but if you like having it handy, it is nice to know it takes a bit of room.

    Overall, very happy with the product.

  • Christine Logan says:

    Every sweet adeline needs a makeup mirror for prepping for performances, and this one fits the bill! I had a makeup mirror like this thirty years ago and had forgotten how useful they are! The different lighting options help with color accuracy. ONly wish it had a batteries-only option for those times when an electrical outlet is not readily available, but otherwise, no complaints. This is a great, light-weigh makeup mirror!

  • Shauna Franklin says:

  • John Burks says:

    We are using the mirror for makeup applications prior to a photo shoot, often transporting it to shoot locations (when not being used for that, my daughters use it).

    The mirror measures about 14" X 12" X 4" when folded. I found the mirror to be very well constructed and well packaged. The mirror encasing is made of a white durable plastic and has a fold out kickstand in the back. Side mirrors fold out smoothly. The mirror is lighted from all sides, with the lights on the side being a little dimmer, but of for our use (in complete darkness, I could see a problem). The mirrors are very clear and magnification of 1x to 5x is more than sufficient. The outlet on the front of the mirror is also used far more than I thought it would be

    Being a photographer, one of the features that caught my attention was the color settings. These color settings are "in the ball park" but not accurate for my purposes. Really no big deal and not a deal breaker as after researching, I realize most mirrors will be off entirely or be within a wide-range. We just use manual color balance when shooting. We did not that the bulbs are not replaceable, which makes this a disposable item. I do not know how long the bulbs will last and the instructions simply state they are "long life."

    My daughters report they love the mirror. They use it daily and have had no issues and would definitely recommend the product. Some other reviewers have noted some issues with the mirror, but it appears they received a different model in error.

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