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Gouttes Bleues

Innoxa French Drops Gouttes Bleues

Innoxa French Drops Gouttes Bleues

The first thing I noticed when I received this doll is that she looks fantastic! The second thing I noticed is that she is covered with glitter, however, almost no glitter rubbed off onto my hands as I was playing. It is a really stunning effect. Included in this order is a doll and a stand, but no brush. The stand is bright lime green.

Hair: Her hair was cut nicely (not crooked). It had a lot of hair gel in it, but when I brushed it with a brush (not included), it became soft and still looked good. The colours are awesome! The top layer is white with very bright yellow-green highlights, and the bottom layer of hair (which you can only see from the front) is blue and magenta. Her hair doesn't have tinsel in it, even though Abbey dolls usually do. This is the first Abbey doll I've ever bought, but I heard the tinsel usually looks messy, so it's probably a good thing that this doll doesn't come with any.

Face: Her eye makeup is in bright shades of yellow-green and magenta, which might sound a bit overpowering, but I think it looks great. It seems almost tropical, which is funny I guess because she's an ice-monster-thing. Some monster high dolls end up with badly-painted eyes, but hers look great.

Outfit: Looks pretty, the arm with the sleeve was a little bit harder to move than the arm with no sleeve, but this might have been fixed if I had just adjusted the outfit. I took her dress off because I'm going to try it on some of my other monster high dolls - even though it's pretty colourful, it's in a colour combination that I think will look great on a lot of dolls, not just Abbey.

Shoes: The wheels on the roller blades really spin! Very cool!

One last note- Abbey dolls have huge hands! This doll's hands are made of a more flexible plastic which makes me worry that they might break, but having fingers that bend slightly will help her hold onto props.

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