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Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

I received this product through the Vine Program as I wanted to try a deep cleansing scrub. I don't wear heavy mnakeup and am out doors a lot with golf and other activities. My face seemed to need a face scrub and wanted to give this a try. After I remove my makeup in the evenings I use just a small dab of this scrub on each side of my face. I work the scrub in and around my nove and mouth keeping it away from my eyes. It has a small blue bead and I can feel the scrub working as I move slowly around my face. You get a very clean feel and a simple wash off your face with water and you feel refreshed. My skin has aged with wrinkles and grooves from my 87 years of sometimes neglect. This scrub leaves it soft and refreshed. With just a small dab of face lotion it keeps my face feeling clean and soft.

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4 Responses to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Elisabeth Blackwell says:

    I do not like to wear make up. but my face is always oily and feels wierd, the pores on my cheek bone and near my nose look big. i wash my face with Biore pore unclogging scrub every night and morning... Is there any home remedies or scrubs that get rid of oily face and smoothens my face a little

  • Claude Head says:

    I have an area where a ton of acne are on top of my chest. Not on my neck but below that. Can I use biore pore unclogging scrub for that? I know it was made for face but will it work on that?

  • Dustin Hansen says:

    Tonight I bought two biore products, pore unclogging scrub and blemish fighting ice cleanser. I usually just use the anti blackhead warming wash. But this is new to me and I was just wondering exactly how to use them. Can I use them both one after the other? which first? If I cant use them both, which one should I stick with? Is this a good product?

  • Mari Key says:

    so okay, im planning on trying biore pore unclogging scrub or st.ives apricot face wash? which is better? or do you recommend something else?

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