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Final Fantasy Collectors Edition Playstation 2

Final Fantasy Collectors Edition Playstation 2

I am one of the rare few who found FFXI to be a brilliant game from SE, but many disagree with me because it moved away from the classic style of Final Fantasy's. This game is very different from the typical FF, however I welcomed it with arms wide open. The new battle system allows a player to either take full control of his characters or allow gambits(auto functions) to fight each monster. I absolutely prefer being able to see and choose which monsters I want to fight and this is closely related to FFXI.

This game is absolutely huge, although the story is not the reason for this. THere are so many side quests to do, you will have hours and hours of gameplay. Personally I finished the game in 80 hours, but skipped out on many side events and quests and could have easily hit 100+ hours.

This game is either incredibly hard, or incredibly easy. It depends on how much time you spend on leveling up outside of the normal pace of the story.

Overall this game has a very coloful and enjoyable story, with some minor twists.

With Final Fantasy XII, SE lowered the polygon count and increased the detail of their textures. The graphiccs blow every previos FF out of the water.

Voice acting is extremely good, and looks MUCH better then FFX.

I highly recommend this game.

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5 Responses to “Blue Eye Makeup”

  • Brad Cox says:

    i was thinking, if my friend got a costume from the collectors edition of final fantasy xiii-2, which he gets a code with it which he can enter to download and obtain that costume, if he gives me his account details, am i able to get the costume also because he downloaded it b4. its possible to do this with mw2 map packs in the past so i was wondering if its possible to do this???

  • Jillian Garrett says:

    Also, what are the names of them???

  • Della Hanson says:

    My first question is what are the rewards for the choice making stuff is there a website that tells you all of them and how many times I am going to have to play it?Also I had preordered it and I got the collectors edition on the ps3 where do I into put the code?

  • Karl Gilbert says:

    im completly confused my friend got me to watch Final Fantasy Advent Children & i GOT HOOKED IMMEDIATELY so i wanna know the whole order of it i. & then she told me to play crisis core i havent bought it yet but from then on what is the order i have been in here in yahoo trying to figure it out but there is alot of answers so please anyone i would really appreciate it

  • Ben Flynn says:

    I'm gonna buy it but is there an edition which has all the dlc if so how much is it I bought and loved xiii-2 bloody brilliant although I dono what's going on haha first final fantasy ive ever played

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