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CoralActives Complete Therapy System Ounce

CoralActives Complete Therapy System Ounce

Let me tell you my story. I was using proactiv and it was like all of a sudden, it stopped working. I switched to Neutrogena products and Clearisil... to no avail. I wanted a better skin care line that would really nip the acne in the butt. Well let me tell you, this works!

Within 2 weeks, my pimples have been healed and cleared and if I do get a new one, its small and gone in no time at all! I use the cleanser about 3 times a day (Morning, take make up off in the middle of the day, and night) and I use the Benzoyl Peroxide 3x a day as well. This skin care is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just be sure to buy a moisturizer that works for your face with it :)

Warning: I wouldn't recommend using their tea tree oil moisturizer as it made my face break out worse than before and dried it up beyond belief, but this 2 step system is fantastic! I use Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Oil Free moisturizer!

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  • Stacie Roach says:

  • Kurt Stafford says:

    My skin is so much clearer in the past month of using this product. I have not had one breakout since! I am close to 40, so the relief this product has provided is fantastic! Very happy.

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