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SHIISEIDO Shiseido Majolica Lenghtening Mascara

SHIISEIDO Shiseido Majolica Lenghtening Mascara

I've used all kinds of mascaras for the last 40 years. High end to that Great Lash everybody raves about. Lately I've liked Urban Decay's Lush Lash which is a good everyday mascara. It's supposed to be infused with peptides that lengthen the growth cycle. Not sure about that. It does the job well enough and doesn't get all black under my eyes. Easy to remove.

Recently I saw some bloggers talking about this and thought it would be fun to try. I have long lashes to begin with and this is mascara from Japan where lashes tend to be shorter and straighter. One of the things I was wary of is that I wear glasses now and the mascaras are always filming my glasses up so that I have to clean them several times a day. I thought longer lashes would be a pain, but as a makeup junkie, trying something new and fun is where I'm at.

I am so impressed. It has fibers, which I thought would be creepy, or might get in my eyes, but the bloggers said no, that doesn't happen. They are right. I curled my lashes first and when I put this on they became even longer AND held their curl like no other mascara. And there is no smearing on the inside of my eyeglasses. No bumping against my glasses. THAT is the best plus to this. I picked this blue color, but I can't say it's a very blue mascara. Looks black to me - when dry.

No black under the eyes either! I will admit it is hard to get off, so I'm going to see if there is a remover made for this mascara.

LONG LONG, holds curl, no raccoon eyes, no fibers in the eyes, no smudging, no clumping. Put it on with the straight edge of the comb first and then use the curved end to separate the lashes. Just amazing. I'm going to try some more from Majolica Majorca and see how the different formulas work. Cute packaging a plus.

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