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SEEDY PEARL Shadow Palette Refill

SEEDY PEARL Shadow Palette Refill

I wanted a version of Maygana for my collection. I had to get the steampunk inspired one with the goggles, knowing the hair would be an issue. She looks like me, well, a doll version of me. I have red hair and light blue eyes. I do my makeup the same way with blue eyeshadow and wine lips. I even wear steampunk gear, not to the office, but to steampunk events. I live in a steampunk town, yup, there are such things. This doll looks great. Love her clothes, the goggles (which look sort of Catwoman more than steampunk, but Catwoman works for me...steampunk Catwoman, probably been done) and her boots.

Her hair is a problem. But having natural light hair that is wavy, it's like that. My hair gets all crazy like hers. I tamed her tresses by putting in a tiny bit of conditioner so I could comb lightly through. It is still big at the bottom, but I tied it back with the blue ribbon from the top of the packaging. It is in control...somewhat. As good as my asylum locks anyway! Pulling her head back into a ponytail helps you see her earrings better too.

The eyes on this doll dazzle. She is surely the alpha female of the lot, well her and Bratz Bratzillaz Magic Night Out Doll, Vampelina probably will fight over that spot. I really like this series and all its lines. I wish the mermaid and vampire were more available.

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